How can I confirm my registration?

Once your registration request has been completed  we study your request.

3 results may occur:

  1. Your request is complete. We send you an email with our payment details, registration is confirmed only after receipt of the full payment
  2. Your request is incomplete. We need more precision and send you an email with request for further details
  3. Your request is rejected. We send you an email to inform you.

In order to avoid any inconvenience, we thank you to indicate a mailbox which you consult regularly.


I have applied for a training for more than a week, and I still have not received any email from EETQ.

The requests are studied according to the deadline of the beginning of the training : if the deadline is close (within the next 6 weeks), there is a problem as you shoudl have received en email from EETQ. Please check your spam box. It can also happen that some mails are lost, if you have not received anything, contact us by mail via the contact form :