Quality Charter

EETQ Methods and tools 

EETQ uses ISO 9000 (traceability) Quality Control and ISO 14000 (continuous improvement: Kaizen) certifiations processes. Participants opinions are therefore requested after our trainings.

To be compatible with a Sustainable Development approach, Quality must be analyzed through a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), must take into account upstream and downstream and thus help to gain in-depth knowledge to choose materials, equipment and methods.

The parameters of the Environmental Quality are multiple. Priorities depend on the context and the objectives set upstream. To be rigorous, choices must be made on a quantified basis, in a system of international standards: Environmental Impact Indicators. EETQ masters LCAs and Environmental Impact Indicators, as well as the Environmental Quality standards that implement them, such as LEED®, HQE® and BREEAM®.

An EETQ training is:

  • A continuously improved program, in its content and pedagogy
  • Experienced, highly qualified trainers by training module
  • Knowledge transfer methods adapted to the participants
  • Training developed to prepare participants to respond to situations of their professional activity
  • The option to sign a Quality Charter, with concrete commitments, which guarantees your customers that the work will be done well
  • Competitive prices
  • Constructive dialogue before, during and after the training
  • Flexible schedules and planning, adaptable to the constraints of the participants
  • Adaptable programs, intra-company answering the client’s needs and objectives