EETQ in short

Expert in environmental and sustainable certifications, environmental quality control and the implementation of environmental management systems.

Japan Market expert

We are active in Belgium, France  and Japan

Our activities

  • We help private companies from all sectors and public organizations in their environmental and sustainability certification process,
  • We help construction sector’s stakeholders (architects, design offices, building owners, trustees) in the environmental and sustainability transition/transformation phase through training and consulting services.
  • We coordinate the set up of environmental management systems (EMS) and environmental quality control
  • We help start-ups in their approach of and development on the Japanese market.

Values ​​shared by the founders

  • Regeneration
  • Sustainability
  • Flexibility
  • Technical and organizational creativity
  • International angle
  • Diversity
  • Pragmatism

Our vision

Convinced that it is the involvement of the private sector and the innovative force of the market that will allow a sustainable resolution of current environmental problems (climate disruption and destruction of biodiversity), we act globally in the deployment of sustainable, clean and when possible regenerative solutions.

Our spirit

Specialized, flexible company, listening to its clients. Our goal is to contribute to sustainable change and transformation by encouraging the strengthening of the balance sheet and the optimization of the balance sheet by taking into account and implementing Sustainable and regenerative themes.

Our drivers

Change                     moving forward                    Learn to implement                     Sustainable

            Questioning                        Understand to learn better                          Kaizen       

Integrative                        Recurrence                       Analysis                Measure                                        Results


Our expertise: regenerative approach, sustainable development, construction, Japanese market

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