Market entry & expansion : Your company is considering entering the Japanese market ?  Considering the expansion of its operations in Japan ?

With a presence in Tokyo, Paris and Brussels, our long lasting international experience, a network of experts in Asia and Europe, we are well positioned to open Asian markets to European companies including start-ups.

What we can do for you

  • Premarket entry: we have helped companies in various sectors (environment, green building, clean technologies, healthcare, etc) to define and analyse their market, to study their potential growth, asses internal skills, resources & capabilities, build their competition’s landscape. We assist our clients in their entry preparation, in doing the necessary homework to be ready to face the challenge. The Japanese market brings rewards when approached properly and with the necessary tools such as a product that fits the needs of the Japanese customer, and a team in the home country ready to start a constant improvement process.

  • Registration of companies, M&A services : we have registered companies and we have supported M&A processes, assessing the strategic fit, managing the project and supporting the negotiations. We have registered companies and supported M&A activities in sectors such as biogas, healthcare and organic food.
  • PR/marketing   we have helped foreign companies in Japan build and keep their reputation on the market. Finance, water treatment, environment, biogas, medical devices are example of sectors we covered, delivering tangible value.  On top of assisting the positioning of companies on the Japanese market, we also assist companies to prevent crisis with Japanese business partners or if too late we help in the handling of a crisis.

  • Training and coaching: with over 10 years of experience in training & coaching, we help executives and employees to avoid common and costly mistakes by gaining an in-depth understanding of Japan’s social and cultural background as well as the Japanese business environment, practices and etiquette. Trainings are enriched by our long-lasting experience of the market. We go far beyond dos and don’ts. We have learned to constantly improve our services.


Our long-lasting experience, and result-oriented track record 

The team has solid local networks in public and private sectors resulting from over 30 years of experience at various levels :

  • credit risk evaluation for import or within local markets
  • market development for B2B & B2C products
  • training and consulting to Western companies,
  • set up of local companies, JV, acquisition, sell off,
  • technology transfer agreements


Our Sectors of Focus

  • Environment
  • Clean technologies and products,
  • Water treatment and analysis,
  • Clean & Renewable energy solutions and in particular, process using biomass.
  • Green building


Our Strengths

  • Over 30 years work experience in the country, working for Japanese and foreign companies in Japan,
  • Track record of business development in Japan for Western companies,
  • Fluency in the Japanese language, and beyond,
  • Credit-insurance,
  • PR & marketing,
  • Lasting deal making

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