All our trainings deal with environmental, sustainability and cross-cultural issues

Our clients trust us to provide programs that are relevant and impactful.

Sustainability & Building Sector

  • Environmental and sustainable Certifications : How to put them in place ? (LEED®, HQE®, BREEAM®)
  • How to put an Environmental Management System (EMS) in place ?
  • Sustainable purchase: a challenge for manufacturers and buyers
  • Sustainable Development : how to leverage profit and nurture social wellbeing (3Ps = triple bottom line)
  • Environmental certification: a tool to improve your company’s triple bottom line
  • 3D software : SketchUp, BIM

Intercultural Management Europe – Japan

We speak fluent Japanese and have over 30 years of practical business experience in Japan.

  • Cross cultural training for European employees working for Japanese companies
  • Cross cultural training for Japanese employees working for Japanese companies offices in Europe
  • Training for European companies who have Japanese clients, customers or partners
  • cross-cultural team building
  • These trainings can be about understanding and working with various European cultures as well as about working in a Japanese corporate culture.

 How to contact us ?

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